Your health is key to business

Published by The Nashville Business Journal

“Take care of yourself, exercise, eat the right food and be careful.”

Most of us can still hear our parents saying these exact words. We give the same advice to our children. But following these lessons personally can give you an edge in your professional career.

Be your own boss
Stress creates myriad psychological issues and manifests itself in many ways physiologically. Basic stress management is up to you — no one else. You are in charge of your mind and body. You are your own boss.

Plan carefully, delegate generously and know when to stop. When stress levels are high, communicate often and calmly. Sometimes just “talking it out” can put things in a realistic perspective.

Get moving
Taking care of yourself physically can reduce stress at work and likely help you live a little longer. When you take care of yourself you may discover an inner confidence through outward physical strength. You will be able to work harder, longer (and maybe faster), and deal more effectively with stress.

A regimen of physical exercise can improve your energy level and mental stamina throughout the day, helping you remain calm in tense situations and deal better with business issues. So walk, run, play sports or go to the gym. Do whatever you like, but do something.

Invest in health
Once you hit your 30s, an annual physical is an investment in your future health. We all know someone who has ignored a minor nagging problem and avoided a trip to the doctor — until it was too late. Or others, who like me, may have smoked two packs a day as a teen and finally quit cold turkey, only to discover it would take a decade to feel completely free of the urge to smoke.

Whether it’s a minor pain or a major overhaul, investing in your health is always worth it. For your sake — and your family and employer — do what it takes for you personally to stay in first-class physical condition. Remember, taking care of yourself is also taking care of business.

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