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Introducing Joe’s New Book!

Joe Scarlett, former President and Chairman for Tractor Supply Company, has completed his new book “The Culture Warrior: Leadership Lessons from Joe Scarlett”: a remarkable group of articles that the author hopes will highlight sturdy leadership and management skills.

Reach Your Leadership Potential

Published by Page Publishing, Joe Scarlett’s exceptional book hopes to help readers reach their full leadership potential. This collection features 150 articles written by the author between 2008 and 2022. Scarlett’s straightforward writing style helps all readers to connect to the work. He writes from a clear perspective and gives insight to those looking to improve their skills in the workplace. 

I’ve studied, written about, and worked with great business leaders for over 40 years. If I were asked to suggest one resource on leadership, it would be Joe Scarlett’s new book, The Culture Warrior. What differentiates Joe as a leader is not just his extraordinary track record of success, but his wisdom. Joe’s insights are a blueprint for leadership grounded in vision, values, and creating a culture that gets the job done. I give The Culture Warrior my absolute highest recommendation.

Joe Calloway
Author of Be The Best At What Matters Most

I am very grateful Joe Scarlett has placed his leadership wisdom in one place for generations of leaders to read. For many years, I have benefited from Joe’s example of leadership characterized by excellence, compassion and integrity, his patient and impactful mentoring, and his insightful speaking and writing. This is a book I will enthusiastically recommend to every emerging and experienced leader I know.

Art Athens
Retired Marine Corps Colonel Former Director, U.S. Naval Academy Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership U.S. Naval Academy’s First Distinguished Military Professor of Leadership

Joe Scarlett’s The Culture Warrior is a valuable and relevant resource for leaders in today’s industry. With proven guidance on how to lead and motivate others with strategic action, skill, integrity, and humility, Joe provides an exceptional framework for leaders and managers at all levels of experience. Whether you are just beginning your role in leadership or have been a CEO for decades, this compilation of articles is an excellent guidebook for successfully navigating the changes, challenges, and achievements you will face.

Candice McQueen, Ph.D.
President, Lipscomb University

After many successful years as the high achieving CEO of Tractor Supply Co., one of the fastest growing and most consistent earning corporations in the country, in retirement, Joe Scarlett has turned to teaching and writing about those principals, talents, ethics, and habits that are the hallmarks of exceptional leaders. In this new book, Joe has edited and consolidated his earlier essays into one volume. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wishes to achieve true, high-performance leadership skills. Joe has “been there, done that” and writes about leadership in a practical, thoughtful, and useful way.

Jack O. Bovender, Jr.
Retired Chairman and CEO, Hospital Corporation of America Retired Lead Independent Director of Bank of America Chair Emeritus of the Board of Trustees of Duke University

I’ve had the good fortune of knowing Joe Scarlett for over twenty years and have benefited significantly from his knowledge and wisdom. There are very few people in this world who’ve enjoyed his level of business success. His willingness to share his leadership principles is a blessing for us all. Sound business and leadership practices that actually work! Thanks Joe!!

Mark Emkes
Retired Chairman, CEO, and President of Bridgestone Americas, Former Commissioner of Finance and Administration, State of Tennessee

Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom.” This was King Solomon’s advice to young people back in his day, per Proverbs 4 of the NIV Bible. That truth and advice is just as important in today’s world for those who aspire to be successful leaders. Joe Scarlett provides insights in this book that can be so valuable to those who seek to “get wisdom.” He has it, he’s demonstrated it, and he’s sharing it.

Tom Moser
Retired vice chairman of KPMG, Director for Various Business and Charitable Organizations

There are great leaders and then there are great leaders who develop other great leaders. Joe Scarlett is the latter. As a former supplier to Tractor Supply Company, I always looked forward to hearing his talks on leadership and organizational development at the various events he spoke at. In retirement, he has continued to share his wisdom through teaching and through the articles he has written. I am so thankful he has compiled all of his wisdom and insights into a book. It’s a must-read, and a resource you will want to keep close for years to come.

Randy Boyd
President of the University of Tennessee

The Culture Warrior is a masterful collection of Joe’s best leadership articles, representing his extensive experience and insight into creating a thriving work culture. This book is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their leadership skills and achieve long-lasting business and career success. With actionable insights and a focus on a range of critical leadership topics, I highly recommend it!

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
Thinkers50 #1 Executive Coach New York Times bestselling author of The Earned Life, Triggers, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

The success that Joe Scarlett has experienced in his professional career in retail is unparalleled. In this masterful compilation of his numerous articles on leadership and culture, he shares his sage insights and formulas for success. This work contains pragmatic “golden nuggets” in every chapter, and is an easy and helpful read for business owners and managers at virtually any stage of their career. This book should be on the required reading list for all University business students.

Paul C. Stumb, Ph.D.
President, Cumberland University

In “Culture Warrior,” Joe Scarlett, a revered former Fortune 500 executive, shares profound articles that reveal the secrets of effective leadership and success. With engaging storytelling and real-world examples, Scarlett unveils the vital connection between culture and leadership. Gain actionable knowledge on fostering empowering cultures, effective communication, trust-building, and purpose-driven leadership. “Culture Warrior” is a treasure trove of practical wisdom, empowering you to unlock your leadership potential and achieve organizational greatness.

Mila Grigg
CEO of MODA Image & Brand Consulting Author of #1 Best-seller of FORGED BY FIRE
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