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America’s Cultural Revolution

Christopher Rufo - 2023

This is a first-class insightful analysis of the cultural revolution going on in our society for the last sixty plus years. The first section covers precisely how our culture has been twisted and manipulated plus an analysis of the early key players.

The author dives deeply into the erosion of our education systems from primary schools right through the big-name universities. He also analyzes how race is increasingly used to divide our society in so many ways. All the information is backed up with facts both in the copy and in the footnotes.

The final chapter is entitled “The Counter-Revolution to Come” in which he predicts that we will revolt against the cultural erosion in our society.

If you are concerned about the culture in our country, it is time to learn what is really going on by reading America’s Cultural Revolution. It is easily is the best book I have read in last few years.

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