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Boost Your GrowthDNA

Margaret Reynolds - 2019

My friend Margaret Reynolds has long been an expert at business growth strategies and has now written an excellent book on the subject. She makes the clear point that traditional strategic planning and operational performance is being increasingly challenged by external factors like disruptive technology. It is clear that to gain a foothold on the next generation of business growth, executives must embrace new thinking.

Reynolds’ introduces growth genetics as a predictor of business success. Just like humans, businesses have DNA and that genetic code, which is invisible and lies below the surface, has a significant influence on an organization’s performance. She breaks GrowthDNA into four strands that determine outcomes: ConfidenceDNA, ClarityDNA, CommitmentDNA and CultureDNA. Read how these four impact business growth and how you can harness them to propel growth in your business.

It is more than a theory as Reynolds has been able to create an assessment that enables you to understand your organization’s current DNA and then learn methods to ramp it up to accelerate your growth. The book will walk you through the entire framework, how to use it, and the value of each of the four strands. There is a free assessment is available at

Looking to really grow your business? Read Boost Your GrowthDNA.

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