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Stephen Moore and Senator Rand Paul - Dec 7, 2021

We all know that our country is headed for a fiscal catastrophe sometime in the future and we also know that our politicians keep kicking the can down the road. So, we just look the other way hoping nothing bad happens on our watch.

In 2000 our national debt was $5.7 Trillion and now 24 years later it is $34 Trillion. Common sense tells us all that this is not sustainable and can only lead to a monster crisis at some point. And to make matters worse our politicians from both sides of the aisle are just looking the other way.

Govzilla is a fabulous book about this topic written in a way that everyone can easily understand. The book is several years old however the message has not changed and numbers have simply gotten worse.

This is a must-read for everyone who cares about the best country in the world. Plus, it is an easy read and only 146 pages long. Skip the Kindle on this one because you lose the charts which are essential to the story.

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