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Hostages No More

Betsy DeVos - 2022

Betsy DeVos has committed much of her adult life to reforming K-12 education. She has been engaged in all sorts of programs and initiatives aimed at improving the dismal state of our public education system. The story takes us through her early engagement in education right through her four years as Secretary of Education under President Trump.

DeVos is an unflinching advocate for education reform aimed at real improvement – not just nibbling around the edges which is most of what has happened in recent decades. She points out that the education system we have today was developed 150 years ago during the last quarter of the 19th century and little has structurally changed since then. The book concludes with solid thoughts about really reforming the system to reflect the 21st century.

The opposition and harassment she endured during her time in Washington is almost unbelievable. Virtually every time she went to visit schools that were innovating and excelling she was met with demonstrators who were often successful in denying her access. There was organized opposition to just about everything she wanted to do.

If you are concerned about American education this will be an inspiring read.

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