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The College Scam

Charlie Kirk - 2022

This latest expose about the costs and benefits of college will likely be a real eye opener.  You probably already know how tuition plus room and board have skyrocketed beyond any sense of reality and most of this is made easy with government backed loans. The outcome is millions of former students saddled with sometimes outrageous debt and often a degree that is practically worthless.

Most of us also know or suspect how left leaning the college culture is among professors and leadership. Read about how Marxist dogma has infiltrated the culture and is almost the norm in higher education today. The author backs it all up with facts not just opinions.

If you are considering investing in a college education for your kids, your grandkids or yourself I recommend taking the time to read Kirks’ latest book.  It may not change your mind but it will certainly enlighten you about what really goes on in these institutions.

The author is an American conservative activist and radio talk show host who cofounded Turning Point USA in 2012.

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