Leadership Institute still going strong

Published in The Nashville Business Journal

Early last year in one of my NBJ columns, I announced that we would be winding down the Scarlett Leadership Institute after seven years of operation. Today, I officially eat my words. We are now open for business — and stronger than ever.

Shortly after we made the closing announcement, customers began calling and writing to us about the value our programs have added to their organizations. We heard story after story from former students as well as supervisors and associates about how our teachings positively impacted leadership skills.

What began as a few inquiries turned into a flood of requests to keep the Scarlett Leadership Institute programs going. Customers asked us about continuing programs for specific individuals and companies, as well as customized programs to meet particular organizational needs. Even new customers who had never heard about us winding down knocked on the door wanting to sign up new students at new companies. We got so excited that we decided emphatically to stay open for business. In fact, we never actually closed.

Mary Fink, my longtime associate, will continue running the institute as she has productively for many years. Our top-quality, well-known national and local base of instructors will remain the same while our course offerings will actually expand. Key programs include Signature Executive (17 days/1 year), Emerging Leaders (8 days/8 months) and customized courses. In addition, there are full-day skill classes every month, as well as regular, free one-hour skill-building conference calls.

I will stay intimately involved with the Scarlett Leadership Institute classes. After 50 years in leadership roles, I take great pride in teaching and coaching up-and-coming business leaders. My personal goal is to do all I can to help young managers and leaders excel by sharing personal experiences with the hope that they might avoid some of my mistakes over the years — and perhaps learn something from my humble successes.

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