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The Breakdown of Higher Education

John M. Ellis - 2020

If the topic of education is high on your agenda this should be on your must-read list. I was quite frankly shocked at how tilted our universities have become. The author has watched the deterioration of academia up close for the past fifty years observing how faculty has evolved from mildly left-leaning to almost exclusively leftist. He explains how a small group of activists use college campuses to promote radical politics, and why laws and regulations designed to prevent the politicizing of higher education proved insufficient.

The book is loaded with facts and stories covering the past several decades. Read about the “shout downs” of guest speakers who don’t spew the company line. Still worse is how critical thinking which used to be a stalwart of university education is no longer encouraged and frequently simply not tolerated. The book concludes with potential solutions which will all require a great deal of political courage.

Read this and you will become very concerned about the future of education and even more important, the future of our country.

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