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No Escape

Nury Turkel - 2022

No Escape is the story of the persecution of the Uyghurs told by one of their own. The Chinese Communists are doing all they can to stamp out a culture and reduce the population to the point where someday there may be no Uyghurs.

One misstep, one bad word about leadership, one mention of religion, or any other minor infraction and it’s off to re-education camps which are what we call concentration camps.  Then months or years of communist indoctrination, inadequate food, sleeping twenty to a cell, and often beaten for little or no reason. You might also be assigned as slave labor in a factory.

Women are particularly poorly treated. Forced sterilizations are common as are forced abortions. And children are often sent off never to be seen again.

Cameras are everywhere and facial recognition identifies everyone. Phones are monitored and all information is regularly screened using AI technology. The Koran is confiscated and the word “God” is prohibited. The government knows where you are, what you are doing, and even what you are thinking.

Read this book and you will get a clear understanding of genocide in Chinese Communist style.

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